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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 26, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> a plan to close more city schools. the two major reasons they can be shutting down. >> first on fox. a suspected police impersonator gets inside of a school. what he said to the principal. >> toyota takes major action tonight. why the auto manufacturer has stopped selling millions of its own cars. >> colder temperatures on the way. when we could see our next snow storm in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. >> it has become a annual affair and tonight another round of school closing is being considered in the city of baltimore. >> jeff abell is live at school headquarters with the planned lay owed today by the school ceo. jeff? >> ceo wants to shut down four middle schools and 1 high school. he said they are all under performing. but tonight many parents are unconvinced. >> at winston middle school this
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afternoon, the news drew a chilly reception. this school is one of five targeted for closure. >> i don't think that they should close the because only schools we have in this neighborhood are winston and chicken pen and both of them are over crowded. >> according to the city enrollment is declining and school under performing and if the ceo has his way school will be closed for good. >> goal is always to increase the schools working in the city. and reducing the number of schools that are not working. >> school ceo andres alonso is proposing the closure of four middle schools, winston, which i can ca pen, and west baltimore and doris m. johnson. andres alonso laid out the proposal at the school board meeting. and also would allow 5th graders to choose where they want to attend middle school. either in their own neighborhood or anywhere else in the city. >> and what we hope is that no matter what part of the city, a
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parent is going to find the kid that -- a school that works for their kids. >> his plan calls for the revamping of seven other low performing city schools. some parents though are already sceptical. >> this is just a distraction for the bigger picture, the power tricks. >> well, parents will get their say on all of this at two separate public hearings, next month. live at school headquarters. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> you can hear everything dr. andres alonzo had to say by going to news. baltimore county schools decide to stop the rollout of a new grading system is. the school board made the decision at a meeting in towson tonight. many teachers showed up to voice opposition to the program. it is called aim, and it would offer more detailed information about student progress. some teachers say it creates a lot of useless unnecessary work. >> there is a whole series of basic technical issues about the
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progress reporting component. that have yet to be developed. and those have to be developed before it can be fully -- before it should be implemented. >> well, the new system faced ethics questions about who would own the copyright. and assistant to superintendent joe hairston developed the program and wanted to sell it. >> first on fox tonight. charges against a man accused of posing as a police officer in a baltimorehigh school. police say 27-year-old pier dorsey walked into edmondson high school last month and told the principal he was there for an undercover operation. school officials quickly got suspicious, calling police when dorsey could not produce proper identification. dorsey then was immediately arrested. >> you know, they pose a significant danger to the public. because they are that sense of trust. they can access areas that would normally be, you know, limited to law enforcement personnel. and think about it, they can approach a child.
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they can approach a vulnerable adult. really take advantage of that. so we take these things very seriously. >> dorsey actually was on the city police force, but resigned two years ago. >> a marine from towson is killed in afghanistan. the department of defense said that lance corporal jeremy kahne died supporting combat operations saturday. it happened in hell mont province in afghanistan. he was based out of camp pendleton in california. jeremy kahne was 22 years old. >> baltimore county police say they netted a drug ring and a major dogfighting operation. police found three pit bulls in a rowhome on lang street in north point. kathleen cairns reports, police are tracking down other potential leads. >> she loved her dog. >> controversy on the corner of lang street and north point. >> she loved her dogs. she would never fight these dogs. >> she, is nicole carusso, who, along with romney bogard and
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michael eckert face charges connected with a drug ring and dogfighting operation. >> detectives found three highly aggressive pit bulls in this case. >> photos of the dogs, dottie, bruno and dutch are recovered during a police raid. and other evidence is seized. >> the detectives found items like weights, used to strength en the dogs. chains, treadmills used to run the dogs. again, to increase stamina. the suspects also had, and this is alarming to us, a large quantity of veterinarian type medication, pills, steroids, that were being used to inject the dogs. >> the night they took the dogs the lady laid her and cried. she would do anything for her dogs. >> police say this investigation is far from over. the medical supplies found inside of the home have been linked to a vet's office. and neighbors now tell us one of the residents here actually worked there. >> she did not fight these dogs. anybody in this neighborhood could tell you that.
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that lady over there just said it. >> but phillip laten. >> tells a different story. >> the dogs ran around the back and grabbed my arm. >> hired to install the fence. >> and took these photos, after he was attacked. >> i think should have been a put to sleep. too vicious. kids walking down here. somebody will be killed. >> some neighbors watched the dogs. >> loud and noisy at night. >> others notice other things. >> i might have are seen drugs once in awhile, change hands. but i never saw the violence with the dogs. >> if convicted of organizing dog fights, the three suspects could face time in federal prison. in baltimore county, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> meantime, the dogs remain at the shelter pending this investigation. >> a baltimore county woman has a run in, apparently with a cobra. a woman showed up at the patient first on campbell boulevard sunday night with a snake in a bag. saying she had been bitten. an ambulance was called to take the woman to hopkins.
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the snake, meantime was taken to animal control officials. tonight the woman remains in the hospital. >> weather wise, the rain sunday and monday caused a lot of problems. >> yeah it did. storms cut power to almost had 70,000 bge customers. most are back online. water covered the streets in baltimore county. making driving dangerous. >> some areas still face flooding problems. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the first look at the sky watch forecast. vytas? >> even though the storm has moved on. we still deal with flooding conditions as the tributaries, and extremities and creeks flow into larger rivers and streams in the area. and they have to channel the water you back out into the chesapeake bay. in fact, looking at the radar. few snow showers up to the northwest. few flakes and rain drops earlier today. zooming in around the city. no activity right now. about but what we have to be concerned with is northeast of us. looking at flood warnings for harford and cecil counties. and overnight, up nen conowingo
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dam and port deposit, looking at the river, flood stages going up high tonight through overnight to tomorrow. looking at the flow of the river, going through the dam, they will probably open up several of the lox. main street there. you probably get flooding. some people living along the waterways could get water in the basements and main street will be probably closed off in spots, because of the flooding out there. flood stage usually 23 1/2 feet. it is going up to about 24 1/2 to almost 25 feet. a foot and a half to foot above normal. so folks in those areas dealing with high water as the water from the tributaries flow into the river, back up past harrisburg in the mountains. water has to make it down from snowfall. falling earlier today. and the rain from the previous storms the other night. so here is what is happening for us. day planner. breaks in the clouds. drying conditions. breezy conditions. overnight tonight. see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. with temperatures topping out around 40.
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and i will have a closer look at another winter blast on the way. we could see snow accumulation, kicking off the weekend in the seven-day forecast. coming up. >> oh, boy. thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i rar dar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to your street. go to >> and when it comes to news in your neighborhood. bad weather or anything else. we want to you see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload pictures and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send pictures directly from your cell phone. to >> legalizing marijuana in maryland for medical use is back on the table in annapolis. >> yeah, supporters unveiled the measure today. keith daniels was there, and he has much more on the new effort tonight. keith? >> jeff and jennifer, the democrat from baltimore county
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is co-sponsoring the legislation. he is a physician in both internal and emergency medicine. a doctor who believes marijuana can help patients that are seriously ill. >> in annapolis, there is a bipartisan push to legalize medical marijuana in maryland. >> delegate dan more hine introduced the bill tuesday. a physician that supports prescribing marijuana. >> any other use of marijuana continues to be illegal. we don't change that. >> under current state law, a person caught with medical marijuana, could face arrest, and a $100 fine. with more hine's bill there is no criminal penalty. >> we have people going out on the street for medical purposes, to get drugs illegally. that's not a physician. we ought to be in. ought to do better. >> legislation with a great deal of interest to people. including tyler. >> i cannot afford to be indicted for something that i
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need. >> a 16-year-old high school student from lou thersville that suffers from cerebral palsy. a painful disorder that attacked the central nervous system. cutler uses marijuana 2 to 3 times a week, as part of his treatment. >> when i smoke cananus it relieves the pain like no other treatment, no stretch, no exercise can. >> under the proposed legislation, marijuana againstsaries would be licensed by the state. state agriculture department and health department would monitor the production and distribution process. more hine said pharmacies would distribute marijuana to patients with an ongoing relationship with a physician who prescribes it after alternatives have not worked. >> doesn't mean it should be used for anything and everything. in fact, just the opposite. >> really has been a benefit for me. if it didn't have a benefit for
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me i would not be pushing this legislation. i would not be here. here in this building today. >> state senator david brinkley the republican from frederick county is co-sponsoring the bill, doing it in the senate. supporters say so far there is no real open opposition to the measure. expect it to pass this session. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. should maryland legalize medical marijuana. so far 89 percent say yes. 11 percent say no. ray from pasadena writes on our website. absolutely. i am retired military. and the benefits from marijuana have allowed me to stop using many harmful prescription drugs. jackie writes on facebook. absolutely legalize it. but lets have more stringent standards than california. they have walk in pharmacies that handout dope prescriptions are a joke. go to and let us know what you think. and sound off through facebook.
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send us a tweet. or text us at 45203. and enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and, of course, you can hear more responses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> two very strong aftershocks struck haiti earlier today. exactly two weeks, of course, after the earthquake that devastated the nation. haiti's president tonight is calling for 200,000 tents. for those displaced. meantime, hollywood actor john travolta made a trip today to haiti personally flying his own jumbo jet stocked with relief supplies. >> we have the ability to help make a difference in the situation. in haiti. and i cannot, you know, see not using this plane to help. >> meanwhile, at least, 120,000 people are dead. many more still missing. >> a doctor from shock trauma is back from haiti tonight. he says treating patients there
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is so much different from what doctors experience in baltimore. dr. pawlyk is chief of orthopedics at shock trauma, in haiti sitting the stage for a long-term mission there. dr. pawlyk said one of the biggest differences between haiti and baltimore is the so-called golden hour. that's the time that is most critical for treating trauma patients. in haiti, that golden hour is long gone. >> the patients that we're seeing at the hospitals in haiti right now are patients that have arrived it two weeks and more, after the traumatic event. >> he says those people have been cared for by family members before seeing a doctor. dr. pawlyk said shock trauma doctors plan to move into a hospital in port au prince for six months to help them rebuild. >> haiti's prime minister appeals for long-term support to rebuild the country. he made that appeal before international officials in montreal. there is also talk that capital may need to move from port au prince haiti. so far away from any major fault
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lines. >> we should look at how we decentralize economic opportunities, and work with the haitian government and people to support resettlement. >> $1 billion in aid has already been committed worldwide. >> see all of our stories about haiti. and find out how you can help. just go to and click on the haiti relief link in the top left corner. very few people received the type of pensions state legislators do. >> lawmakers and pensions. how much they get, and what it takes to earn them, it is the cover story tonight. >> but next. toyota stops selling some cars after a major defect. the problem and the models that are in trouble. next. >> i believe that's the guy. it is not too far. >> a woman that may have come face-to-face with a serial rapist in baltimore. her encounter
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i call it my "just in case bag." just in case! ha! ha! i like that. >> tonight, police are waiting for results from dna testing. to see if a serial rapist has struck again. crime and justice reporter joy lepola talks exclusively with a woman tonight that was face-to-face with an intruder. she thinks it is the man that raped a woman over the weekend. >> as police track the attacks of a serial rapist detectives are eager to get results from dna. in the city's most recent rape. it happened in the 2400 block of callow avenue over the weekend. >> so at that point, we will know, our world will be clearer. >> police commissioner bealefield has asked dna testing
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be expediteed. but little to ease the minds of those that live in the neighborhood, where the latest attack occurred. >> i thought the area was safe for women. you know, people in general. >> it makes me scared. i am glad i have a gentleman that lives at home with me to protect me and my children. >> here is a look at where the four attacks, linked to the same man, took place. they occurred between may of 2008 and november of 2009. in the case along callow avenue, the woman's attacker crawled through an open window. >> i believe that was the guy. it is not too far. >> similar scene that played out one week prior just blocks away. >> he heard something. and he jumped up, when he jumped up the guy ran out of the room. and he got me up and told me, you know, get up and call the police. >> la chandra jones' case the would-be attacker got in through an open window as well. >> i am just blessed to see that me just being naive, you know, not thinking that it could
10:20 pm
happen to me. it could happen to anybody. >> and reservoir hill, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and police also released two composite sketches of men they suspect in other rape cases. some of which took place at city bus stops. results from dna tests are expected within the next 10 to 14 days. >> a frederick county man pleads guilty to manslaughter and d.u.i. in a fatal accident last summer. 43-year-old kevin smith entered the pleas monday. he will be sentenced april 7. smith drove off key highway and hit 15-year-old indicate out lynn bossler, she was pronounced dead at carroll hospital center. >> big announcement from general motors today. the car maker has selected the plan in whitemarsh to produce new motors for electric cars and hybrids. melinda roeder explains what it means for employees, and taxpayers. >> you don't have a job, you cannot support your family, community, state or country. >> at allyson transmission in whitemarsh, employees are
10:21 pm
getting a pep talk. >> because of your talent, skills, hard work, commitment to excellence that enabled team maryland to bring the next generation of green electric motors home for you. thank you. >> governor o'malley was among several politicians on hand for a major announcement regarding the plant's future. >> this is manufacturing of the 21st century. >> gm has announced it is ready to start making its own electric drive motor. >> that announcement has very special relevance to maryland because this is where we're going to do it. this is exactly what we are going to do. right here had in whitemarsh. >> production will create roughly 200 new jobs. the total investment about $244 million. more than half will come from gm. about 125 million from taxpayer funding. >> and the people want to support our money, into things that create jobs. >> lawmakers give credit to the
10:22 pm
stimulus plan for enabling new production. that they believe will make a difference. >> we are the role model for the whole country on why we're going to start bringing jobs back to the u.s. of america. >> but they say the new motors will be better for the economy. and go a long way to reducing our dependence on oil. >> it is the direction that we should be going. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and gm will also build a new facility at the whitemarsh plant. major announcement from the world's number one auto maker tonight. toyota is stopping all sales and production of eight vehicle models. now toyota first issued a recall last week, you might remember. it affects more than 2.3 million cars. the problem is the accelerator pedal can stick. dealers have been ordered to stop selling the rav-4, matrix, core row la, avalon, camry, highlander, tundra and sequoia, all stopped until further
10:23 pm
notice. for more information go to our website links. >> a new poll out there, by the wall street journal indicates president obama better do a good job in the state of the union address tomorrow night. 28 percent of americans say the federal government works well. 70 percent say the federal government needs larger forms. or is quote unquote unhealthy. 58 percent say the u.s. is on the wrong track. and most people blame congress for newt finding solutions. 48 percent blame republican legislators. 41 percent blame democratic lawmakers. 27 percent blame the president himself. meantime, president obama will propose a freeze on federal spending in his address tomorrow night. the freeze would not apply to the defense, foreign aid, intelligence, homeland security or veterans. republicans say it will barely make a dent in the problem. democrats say it will save $250 billion over 10 years. >> we cannot get our budget under control. until americans are back to
10:24 pm
work. and our economy is consistently growing again. >> this news comes as the congressional budget office releases new numbers showing the 2010 budget deficit at $1.3 trillion. and you can watch the president's state of the union address tomorrow night at 9:00 pm sharp. right here, on fox 45. >> health officials say it is still very critical for everyone to get a swine flu vaccination. they are free this weekend. the baltimore county department of health is offering the shots at 16 locations, county wide from 10 a.m. to 4:00. baltimore county residents can get a free ride to any of the locations. call the health department at this number. (410)887-2243 for more information. >> and we have a complete list of flu shot locals on our website. log onto links. >> it looks like we have to brace for another winter blast
10:25 pm
out of the south. show you how much snow potentially we could get. and when it will get here. in the seven-day forecast. >> later on the news at 10:00. american idol admission. the crime one contestant say he committed in front of the judges. >> and very few people received the type of pensions that state legislators do. >> how ric
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>> how would you like part-time work that pays more than $43,000 a year, and after only eight years on the job, you are eligible for a pension with
10:28 pm
benefits? >> not a bad deal. that's what maryland lawmakers get. and while they defend it, there are plenty of people that call it a sweet heart deal. in cover story, john rydell examines the pension perk. >> >> after 20 years of serving the lower eastern shore, state senator lowell stoltz is calling it quits. >> i will do more fishing. which i thoroughly enjoy, travel to florida probably. >> he is relieved to be done with campaigning and fund raising. >> lifts the weight off your shoulders. when i look at my colleagues that have to run, i feel sorry for them. >> because he turned 60 last year, stoltz can collect a legislative pension. state lawmakers earn $43,500 a year. but you only have to serve eight years or two terms to receive a pension. after eight years, you would receive one-third of your salary. or $14,500 a year.
10:29 pm
if you serve 20 years, or 5 terms, you will receive 2/3rds of your salary. or $28,710 a year. and you and your spouse will also receive health benefits. >> and while retired state legislators do not receive any cost of living increase like other state employees, they will still get a boost in pay, every time that the current state lawmakers get a raise. >> to supplement pay lawmakers have second jobs, but for about one-third of lawmakers, it is their only source of income. senator stoltz and others take issue with those that claim this is not a full-time job. >> people might say it is part-time. they only see us down here. when we're dog down here working 16 hours a day. when we are home we are going eight hours a day. >> 244 retired lawmakers and spouses that receive a legislative pension. last year, the state paid out more than $3.5 million in benefits to those retirees. and that does not include health
10:30 pm
benefits. >> and so might make people angry to see legislators getting the benefits. on the other hand, you get what you pay for. and you want to have representatives that are compensated adequately. >> few people receive the types of pensions that state lawmakers do. >> marla with the public policy institute. she calls legislative pensions a sweet heart deal for a part-time job. >> you are basically taken care of for life. if you are a state employee or a state legislator. unlike any -- everyone else out there that has to find a way to pay for retirement. >> monthsberg suggests that instead of receiving a pension, state lawmakers should only be offered a standard 401k plan like many in the private sector. >> that's their choice. if i they don't want to find another job, i think we should not have to make up for that. >> most lawmakers are not about to consider reducing their own pensions. but one delegate said it is time his colleagues reevaluate the plan. >> we need to think about something less generous, than
10:31 pm
what we have as far as pensions because we cannot sustain what we are doing currently. >> delegate william frank suggests is limiting pensions to those that serve is, at least, 10 or 12 years in office. but he said the long-term financial liability lies with pension for rank employees and teachers. >> we cannot take on obligations any more that we cannot afford, 10, 20, 30 years down the road. >> it is an honor to serve in this position really. and it is not the money. >> baltimore county senator stolen en elected back in 1962. when jfk was president. he could have collected the pension years ago but he is not worried about it. after 48 years in office he is seeking another four year term. >> i enjoy doing what i am doing. and i enjoy helping people. i enjoy the legislative process. >> but should he and others lose their bids for reelection, legislative pension awaits them. >> in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> well, state commission has reced raising the pay of state lawmakers $2000 in the third year of their term. but only if maryland's jobless rate drops to 5 percent or lower. >> yeah, there is incentive there. lawmakers plan to vote against raising their pay. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. the man behind the acorn movies faces new legal problems. what he was doing, with a senator's phone system. >> and this teenager burned by her own cell phone. how it happened when we come back. >> it looks like we will see cooler temperatures making the way into central mar
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>> good evening folks. looking at a decent day. kind of a tricky day weather wise. because we saw some sun is, some clouds, some rain, and a little bit of snow starting off the early morning there. saw some of the snow showers pushing through. but it looks like for the most part activity has moved off to the northeast. and we have breaks in the clouds out there. over the inner harbour, hd skycam shows partly cloudy skies. temperatures at 36 degrees. we will continue to see the temperatures on the cooler side of things for the next couple of days. you notice the winds are out of the west-northwest at 18.
10:36 pm
so still a little breezy tonight. but we will see the winds die down a little bit tomorrow. and become less of a factor out there. we will enjoy more sunshine as well. coming up for the day tomorrow. looking at a few scattered snow showers remaining over pennsylvania, pittsburg, up toward cranberry, suburb there. shower activity over toward youngstown ohio. buffalo getting snow showers. we got a few little snow showers ourselves, pushing through, but that has moved off to the northeast. and more breaks in the clouds through the overnight. as far as the temperatures are concerned. looks like that colder air is slowly making the way, slower and slower our direction. and we will continue to see it finally get here over the next couple of days. leading us into the weekend. 24 in pittsburg. 25 cleveland. 13 degrees in chicago. as we see the core of cold air shift our direction. concern with the cold temperatures is once it is in our area. the potential is that if we have a storm that moves into our region, it will mix with the cold air. and we could get precipitation accumulating out there.
10:37 pm
there is the possibility as we get toward friday and saturday. locally we see he temperatures in the mid 30s, lower 30s west. and teens back in western maryland. northwest wind keeps us on the cold track with winds out of the northwest at 10-to-15, up to 18 miles per hour. but for tomorrow, looks like on the eastern shore, 43 degrees. with sun, and winds out of the west at five to 15. around the central portion of the state. mid to lower 40s. and we will see plenty of sunshine out there. it looks like a decent day. and then western maryland looking at the temperatures. a little bit cooler. around in the mid 30s. with more clouds, a little sun breaking through with winds out of the west at five to 10. talk about the potential storm. high pressure is south of us keeping us dry for the first part. this is a clipper dropping over parts of ontario. bringing that cold air in play before the next low that is down over the western portion of texas. starts to move in. drawing in the moisture. and as that cold air comes in to play, by later in the week. we could see this storm track across parts of virginia and
10:38 pm
wrap in moisture. we could get accumulating snow from this. and it could be significant in some areas. so we have to watch the track of this storm closely. we will have a better model of what direction we should take, probably by tomorrow. and we could get you an idea of how much snow. but probably accumulating snow late friday night to saturday morning. tonight looking at clouds breaking 32 degrees. tomorrow sunshine. and 44. and five-day forecast. 45 on thursday. with sun and clouds. friday night the storm moves in. snow showers. saturday morning, wake up to snow on the ground. we can get a few inches out of this and then storm heads out of here by late saturday night. back to you guys. >> in pacifica california a fight against mother nature to save an apartment building threatened by a crumbling cliff. the heavy rain is eroding the cliff side. two dozen people have left over 40 days. now engineers are battling back. coding the crumbling cliff.
10:39 pm
with concrete. in fact, it is high pressure cement sprayed over a steel framework. the engineers are convinced that it is a permanent fix. some of the residents that live there though, they are not quite so sure about it. >> well, the guy that went undercover and shot the unflattering movies about acorn is now in big trouble tonight. james o'keefe accused a, along with three other men, of trying to tamper with the phones at louisiana senator mary landrieu's office. federal authorities say two of the men went to lan drew's office in new orleans yesterday and pretended to be phone repairmen. not clear what they were trying to do. they were released from jail tonight. >> and illinois teenager is burned by her own cell phone while she slept. carlie dutsman went to sleep and woke up with a hole in her blanket and burns to her body by the phone. father believes the balance tree malfunctioned.
10:40 pm
>> pretty mad. how could it do this. >> hard trying not to text people. >> i was upset because i just got it. >> at&t is looking into the case. >> relief worker trapped in ruble for more than two days in haiti is now back on u.s. soil. >> in tonight's "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals that every day devices he credits with saving his life. judy? >> dan willie is back home with his family after getting caught in haiti's devastating earthquake. colorado man trapped in ruble, at haiti's hotel montana for 65 hours. with injuries to his leg and head. he remembered the very moment the earthquake hit. >> felt like the ground was exploding around us. and walls started to fall. and darkness and chaos. and pain. >> but willie said god gave him the tools he needed to survive. including his camera and his i-phone. willie used the first aid application on the i-phone to treat his injuries, including a 9-inch long gash on the leg. and looked up how to treat a
10:41 pm
fracture and shock and attacked off the shirt and wrapped the leg injury. then set the alarm to go off repeatedly so he would not go into shock. he even used a flash on his camera to see through the ruble. willie said having the phone and camera was the difference between life and death. and you can be the first to know about breaking news, severe weather and traffic with mobile news. get text ala letters and streaming video on your phone. go to or text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> teen pregnancy, the disturbing findings in a new study. >> and an american idol contestant with a criminal past. why he decided
10:42 pm
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get your stuff together. no, no need, look, i'll be back i'm ready. hold 5 minutes. i call it my "just in case bag." just in case! ha! ha! i like that. >> in tonight's health check. after a decade of decline, teen pregnancy rates are on the rise. new report finds the overall teen pregnancy rate went up 3 percent. back in 2006. researchers did not site a cause for the increase but found it entering that the pregnancy rate is increasing at the same time that abstinence only programs are seeing a substantial increase in funding. >> american idol contestant comes clean about his criminal
10:45 pm
past and would yous the judges. >> i robbed a bank with a bb gun when i was 15. >> he is mat lawrence, it took place a decade ago. and doing time changed him. he is happy he admitted his crime to the judges. and america as well. >> and you can watch american idol auditions tomorrow at 8:00, right here, of course, on fox 45. >> maryland continues the game against miami in the acc with the winning st (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets,
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like for tomorrow, we will see more sunshine than what we got today. 44 degrees with sun and clouds. and then on thursday, much of the same. right around 45. but on friday, we have to watch out for that southern tracking storm. that could bring us snow. maybe some accumulating snow. significant at times. in certain parts of the state. 32 the high. 31 on s saturday. this will be mainly a leight late friday night saturday morning event. and tapers off saturday evening. temperatures leveling out in the mid to upper 30s for the first part of next week. watch the storm for you folks. back to you. >> that's great. i love the shovel. i cannot get enough television. >> did you hear a loud no coming from bruce when you mentioned snow. >> oh, man. >> terps are back in action tonight in college park.
10:49 pm
>> yeah, cunningham, bruce, joins us with "sports unlimited". >> thank you very much. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". gary williams and the terrapins try to extend the winning streak to four games tonight against miami. kristen berset has post game coverage from college park. it is official, miguel tajeda is back with the orioles. hear from mcgee on his return to charm city and prep player of the week award honor a senior at north carroll that has the pane thers off to a great start as the records fall. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> you know this might be a interesting year down in college park. terrapins are looking like a good basketball team. a very good basketball team. coming up. impressive victory over nc state saturday. went out tonight and pounded a good miami team. and in the process, won their fourth in


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